A COG  in the

Machinery of Tyranny...

Military Industrial Congressional Complex

an excerpt from upcoming book......

By Arthur M. Evangelista,  former FDA Investigator




This article is in response to the recent New York Times article, "At F.D.A., Strong Drug Ties And Less Monitoring" at:

A special note from former FDA Investigator:     Arthur Evangelista, PhD.

“....The FDA (government, et al) is not protecting the public health; but rather it is involved with the methodical and deliberate subversion and destruction of our public health and personal liberties" !!

Individuals and certain groups of NeoCons within the White House, Congress, Pharmaceutical Drug & other Petro-Chemical Manufacturers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (and other agencies), are all involved with widespread collusion and conspiracy in the furtherance of a criminal enterprises within, and of, the government-corporate (organizations). This includes the politico-bureaucratic corruption that is working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels, military contractors, medical agencies, and so on.......  Collectively called: The Military – Industrial - Congressional Complex...... or simply: TYRANNY.

Some of the obvious criminal relationships among principles consists of bribery & campaign contributions, “soft money”; illegal prescription drug marketing and regulatory practices; ethics violations; conflicts of interest (this has been reported, now, for over 20 years, and it still has not gotten "fixed", nor has justice been served....). 

Last, but not least, a long rash of unlawful regulations and laws to distract and weaken the public's leverage and actions against government tyranny and corruption, just for starters.

This includes the Food and Drug Administration's targeting of the dietary supplement and natural medicines industry. This is basically providing strong-arm support (protection racket) for the pharmaceutical firms and their U.N. supported agenda, which is synergistic to, and conspiring with, the New World DisOrder agenda.

So, rather than an all out effort to protect the public health and apply some common sense and integrity to the few needed regulations required to keep Americans healthy,  this is a quiet exercise in genocide, murder, depraved it what you like...the results will be the same if We, the People, do not put end to criminal activities within our government.

It's about time to start calling these people what they really are: Criminals:  Active, dangerous, secretive, and cunningly deceptive criminals. It appears their Main Concerns, in exercise of their professional/political duties, is greed or power-based.

Be it money, power, or some other type of psychotic control over the general population. It is all too obvious.  How better, really, to deceive and commit treason against the people of the united states of America, than to keep us sick, stupid, and corporate-government dependent ?  Hello ....??


They have also forgotten their human, spiritual side. They have forgotten, WE THE PEOPLE !

Therefore, this conspiracy to aid and abet traitors in the subversion of the Constitution (and the murder and mayhem that accompanies it) is actually an unannounced domestic war  between the people and elements within our own U.S. government, gone awry !  Look around.


Our society, guided by fascism, is seriously OUT OF CONTROL, and extremely (and often insidiously) dangerous to all of us.


That’s what happened in 1933 Germany. Do your will be astonished at the parallels (save the new technology).  Because you just cannot forget what is being said, here, as this country is being systematically destroyed from within (DC).  The government-corporate interests of greed, money, power  VERSUS  the People's, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


A very dangerous and very deadly war...whether semi-overt, as in Iraq, or quietly covert, our government harms the public by injurious catalysts and methods (food, environmental toxins; legalized traumatic drugging of populace; control of media; alteration of laws; illegal laws; tyranny; treason; etc) which all negatively affects our health and cognition. It destroys our ability to think, to maintain normal energy levels, to be proactive, to be discerning, or gain redress of grievances.  Have you ever taken stock and noticed ??

Poisoning through: water fluoridation, aspartame, Splenda, useless and unnecessary toxic (yet legal) prescription drugs and medications, sickness-causing chemtrails, mercury, explosive vaccine morbidity and mortalities, MSG, polyvinylchlorides, depleted uranium, cutting back on the veteran's benefits, vote fraud, manipulation of banking, money, and other interests....and, let's not leave out the environmental destruction of the Earth and the eradication of our collective natural resources.

These resources, like the people's patience, Mr. Bureaucrat, are NOT unlimited. Our patience is finite, and retribution and justice is long overdue.

The time is here. This past election someone said, "We have to correct our government's corruption with either Ballots or Bullets...and the electronic ballots aren’t working for us."  Return to paper ballots (here, low tech rules !!) so the people can watch them being counted, as required by our Constitution. 

As in the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: "The American people are slow to wrath, but once that wrath is kindled, it will burn like a consuming flame !"  It seems that more and more people are finally waking up to the rampant corruption and the large-scale destruction of society that ensues.


We the People... can and will govern ourselves.. ...

.....and without the bureaucracy, fraud, and corruption.  Enough is enough !


Be vigilant, Do your civic responsibility,

This country belongs to ALL AMERICANS !


Arthur Evangelista, PhD,  former FDA Investigator

Public Health & Medical Fraud Investigation

Research Unit

Emigrant, Montana  59027




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